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Novodevichy Convent in Moscow

A few days ago I happened to be passing by Novodevichy monastery in the centre of Moscow. It’s not far from the UK visa centre where I applied for my long term visitor’s visa. So if you require a visa...
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Cheap EasyJet flights to Moscow

Thank you EasyJet for your cheap flights between Moscow and London/Manchester!!! I don’t know what we’d do without you!!! Now I can book a return flight to England for about £100 whereas before the price tag for that kind of...
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Moscow Mayoral Elections 2013

Sooo, tomorrow is the day when we, Muscovites, choose the mayor of our super rich capital city. To be honest I’ve seen only 2 electoral campaigns out of 6, I did not bother to check out anything suggested by Mitrokhin...
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MAKS 2013 – Russia’s famous air show

This Thursday we’ve finally managed to get to MAKS 2013 air show in Zhukovsky! Peter had been planning to visit it for a long time and now his dream came true! Whoop-whoop! MAKS stands for International Aviation and Space show...
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