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About me

Hi there!

This is ME :)

Elena Golova

My name is Elena and I’m a 25 year old Russian who moved back to her mother land after almost 8 years of life in the UK. I moved to England when I was 17 to study and then stayed there to live and work. I lived in Scunthorpe (please don’t ask me how I got THERE :) ), Manchester, Freiburg (Germany), and then London. I loved Great Britain and I loved Germany but for various reasons my husband and I decided to move to our country of origin and build our future here. I did not grow up in Moscow so this is an unknown territory for me which needs to be researched and explored. This blog is a pursuit to document all my discoveries and experiences; it is also a place for my friends to read up about my life in this hectic and vibrant city.

A few words about my husband Peter:

Peter is also Russian but he and his family moved abroad when he was only 7, so he represents a nice combination of influences of Russia and Britain. I think he took the best from both cultures. Russia is even more new to Peter than to me, so he might be contributing quite a lot to this blog with his insights into Russian ways of life and any peculiarities.


Peter Golov


Our journey to become proper Russians begins! :)



If you have any questions about this blog or about Russia/Moscow, you can drop me a line on elena dot a dot golova at gmail dot com. Don’t hesitate to comment as well :)



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