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Original Russia – Russian Nature Photo Exhibition in CHA

We’ve recently been to an amazing exhibition in Moscow’s Central House of Artists (Centralny Dom Khudozhnika. Info about CHA). I’ve been planning to visit ‘Original Russia’ exhibition since January, and right before the end date of the show (which was...
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Smoking ban in Russia

Hi there! You know what I have been hoping for for a long-long time to happen in Russia?! Yeah, I know the list is endless, but one of my wishes is about to come true. From June 2014 smoking will...
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Cider in Russia

I love cider, it’s number 2 in my list of favorite alcoholic beverages after wine. Peter loves it even more (beer is still number 1 for him though, he’s British after all). So seeing the mighty apple harvest in my...
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Penza – Exploring Russia

I just returned from Penza, middle sized town about 700km South-East from Moscow, where I visited my cousin Anastasia (whom I always call  my little sister). She turned 24 on the 30th of September. :)   Penza region, and to be precise...
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MAKS 2013 – Russia’s famous air show

This Thursday we’ve finally managed to get to MAKS 2013 air show in Zhukovsky! Peter had been planning to visit it for a long time and now his dream came true! Whoop-whoop! MAKS stands for International Aviation and Space show...
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