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Typical Moscow view

I’ve started learning Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs. To practice more and further develop my Adobe skills I’ve decided to create various collages and generally experiment with photos I take of Moscow. So picture above is my first attempt....
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Friends Forever

I haven’t written here for such a long time! No proper excuse really, just pure laziness. Oh well… Today I wanted to write about a nice American style cafe I’ve recently been to. It’s called Friends Forever Cafe and it...
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Cider in Russia

I love cider, it’s number 2 in my list of favorite alcoholic beverages after wine. Peter loves it even more (beer is still number 1 for him though, he’s British after all). So seeing the mighty apple harvest in my...
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Penza – Exploring Russia

I just returned from Penza, middle sized town about 700km South-East from Moscow, where I visited my cousin Anastasia (whom I always call  my little sister). She turned 24 on the 30th of September. :)   Penza region, and to be precise...
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Novodevichy Convent in Moscow

A few days ago I happened to be passing by Novodevichy monastery in the centre of Moscow. It’s not far from the UK visa centre where I applied for my long term visitor’s visa. So if you require a visa...
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Cheap EasyJet flights to Moscow

Thank you EasyJet for your cheap flights between Moscow and London/Manchester!!! I don’t know what we’d do without you!!! Now I can book a return flight to England for about £100 whereas before the price tag for that kind of...
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My First Post!

Here it goes, my first ever blog post! After months of putting off any writing and creating this blog, after weeks of procrastination and laziness I am finally starting! I’ve never had a proper blog where I wrote regularly before....
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