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Friends Forever

I haven’t written here for such a long time! No proper excuse really, just pure laziness. Oh well…

Today I wanted to write about a nice American style cafe I’ve recently been to. It’s called Friends Forever Cafe and it has two locations in Moscow. One is on Patriarshy near Pushkinskaya metro station, and the other one is next to Lubyanka station.

Friends Forever Cafe Lubyanka Friends Forever Pushkinskaya or Tverskaya station
I liked the cozy and relaxed atmosphere of the place.





Menu offers some variety too. You’ll find all-day breakfast there, different salads, pasta, and of course amazing desserts, which I really drooled over. I love places that offer all-day breakfast, as it’s probably my favorite meal of the day. Sadly I didn’t try any of the breakfast options when I was at Friends Forever, as I was craving for some pasta that day. I had pasta with salmon, spinach in pesto sauce.


To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with what I got. Maybe the chef was having a bad day, or perhaps it’s an ordinary situation there with pasta. But it didn’t put me off, and I’d gladly come back there for some nice breakfast and amazing desserts. Cakes, and pastry there are actually pretty great! Just the way I like them, lots of cream, and looots of berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mmmmm…. delicious!


According to their website, Friends Forever is a creation of a young and aspiring chef Nina Gudkova, for whom it took 8 years of hard work to be able to open her dream cafe. I bet very many people dream of opening their own restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop, so well done, Nina, on making your dream come true, and all the best with developing your business further.


Here are some lovely photos of the desserts, and meals at the cafe. I believe they speak for themselves.



piece of cake_friends_forever_moscow_cafe


… and here is content me :)



Photos were taken from Friends Forever Cafe site, and their Facebook page.

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