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Best Burgers in Moscow – Part 1

Peter and I are always on a look out for nice juicy burgers, and I don’t mean McDonalds or Burger King. That sort of food I often try to avoid, as I always feel like I’ve eaten a brick afterwards…

Peter and I are always on a look out for nice juicy burgers, and I don’t mean McDonalds or Burger King. That sort of food I often try to avoid, as I always feel like I’ve eaten a brick afterwards… Gourmet burgers are still not that popular in Russia compared to the UK. In smaller cities it’s almost impossible to find a good quality hamburger. They are usually associated with fast food there. In Moscow the situation is better. More and more restaurants, cafes and pubs offer this great and quite simple dish. There are also more and more American style cafes around the city, which Muscovites love.

I would like to make ‘Best Burgers in the city’ a rolling theme in this blog, as we always try out new venues and burgers are often our choice for the meal.

So far I’ve tried burgers in the following places:


This is a nice beer restaurant/pub chain with 6 branches in the city. They offer 11 types of beer. On the menu there are sausages, ribs and other foods complimenting a nice pint of beer. There is no variety of burgers there, you’ll find only one on the menu. I would not say it’s the best burger ever, I thought it lacked sauce which made the burger a bit dry. But I’d still give it a 6 out of 10.


Goodman steakhouse is quite famous and popular in Moscow. Steaks there are good! However, not cheap. Be prepared to pay around £30-40 ($50-70) for a steak there. I think it’s a pretty standard price for some juicy, nicely cooked meat in a big city. Burgers there will be obviously cheaper, I think it was about £10 ($17). I’m not sure I’d recommend Goodman for a burger night out. Next time I’m there I’d rather opt for a steak. But if you are in a mood for a burger and your friends dragged you to Goodman steakhouse, you can be sure that the quality of everything there will be up to the level, and you won’t be disappointed. Burger score: 7 out of 10

TGI Fridays

Everyone knows TGI Fridays! I love this chain for their huge cocktails at good prices. Fridays is a great place to start a night out: greasy food to line your stomach, and good choice of alcoholic beverages will prepare you for a long night full of fun and adventures in Moscow.
Like in every American restaurant, they have a wider choice of burgers on the menu. Prices start from 315 rubles for a cheeseburger. There isn’t much I can say about their food, I thought that the burgers were nothing special to be honest. Score: 5-6.

One more pub

That’s the nearest pub in our area of Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. One more pub specializes in beer, and offers a great variety (at least on the menu, often they are out of some beers). The food matches the theme of the restaurant – it’s greasy, salty and goes perfectly with foamy beverages. An average bill per person will come out to around 700 rubles – £12, $20 (one drink).
I wouldn’t say that One more pub is my favorite venue for a meal. I think the atmosphere there lacks this particular coziness of a pub… Their burger was surprisingly good though. I guess the thing was in the sauce which made it so much juicier. Score: 8

Pink Cadillac

(Bolshaya Gruzinskaya 4-6)
Apparently closed now…
This is an american diner style restaurant/bar. We’ve been there about a year ago, right at the start of our Moscow life. We were looking for a gourmet burger in Moscow and wanted to explore that sort of cafes in the city. I liked the design of the place with a distinct style of an American 50’s diner. However, the food was disappointing. The burger reminded me of a cheap McDonalds counterpart – buns were a bit soggy and the meat was tasteless. Score: 3

BB & Burgers

(Tsvetnoy Bulvar 7)
This is more of a fast food place then a proper restaurant. Located right next to the Nikulin Circus in the centre of Moscow it’s a good place to have a quick bite before the show. There you will find ribs, salads and about 5 types of burgers (no need to browse through the menu too long and make hard choices). Before you order, the staff lets you know that the meat is cooked from frozen, and that they have their own reliable Russian meat supplier (I’m always glad to support Russian farmers!). Classical burger will cost you around 350 rubles (£6, $10) plus french fries (120 rubles – £2 or $3.50) which are not included with the meal. I was super happy about the guacamole topping which I simply love! The burger was goo-oo-ood! I liked their slightly sweet bun (which by the way they bake themselves), and the fact that there were lots of salad and veggies in the burger. I know some people prefer burgers without tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers but for me the more of that stuff the better. I’d give BB Burgers the score of 8.

Fat Cat

(Krzhizhanovskogo street (try pronouncing it, even Russians struggle at first), 22)
This cafe is my choice for The Best Burger title at the moment! Juicy meat, crispy bun, lots of veggies and rich sauce and cheese make their burger heavenly tasty! French fries that goes with the mean is also perfect, and the whole presentation of the dish is great. The burger is so juicy that it’s impossible to eat it without a wrapping paper which is provided with it. For now, it’s my favorite burger in Moscow and I give it the score of 10! The design and the atmosphere of the place also contributed greatly to my enjoyment. I suggest you try their home-made lemonades and delicious deserts as well! The average bill in Fat cat will be around 700-1000 rubles per person (£17-20). P.S. They have a summer terrace too!

Topic to be continued… :)

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