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My First Post

Here it goes, my first ever blog post! After months of putting off any writing and creating this blog, after weeks of procrastination and laziness I am finally starting!

Here it goes, my first ever blog post! After months of putting off any writing and creating this blog, after weeks of procrastination and laziness I am finally starting! I’ve never had a proper blog where I wrote regularly before. I did have personal diaries throughout my teenage years (who doesn’t?) where I spilled my girly passions, doodled flowers and all sorts of pretty things. But I never thought of having an online presence and sharing my thoughts with ‘the whole world’. The idea of creating a blog came up sometime at the start of the year when my husband and I decided to move back to Russia. We are both Russian but we haven’t lived in the mother-land for a while now. Peter moved abroad together with his family when he was 7, and I left home when I was 17 to pursue studies in the UK. So after years (20 years for Peter, and 8 years for me) we decided to go back to our roots and experience life in Moscow. To help us not to forget our experiences and first impressions of Moscow and Russia in general I thought it would be a good idea to start documenting things online. Besides who knows perhaps my observations might help someone to get around Moscow. There are thousands of expats working in the city and there are even more tourists coming here for a visit.

We moved to Moscow from London on the 30th of June, so almost a month ago. I am still getting used to the idea that we are going to live here permanently and did not just come for a visit. There are so many things to get used to really: people, manners, food, prices, transport, traffic and much more. I will write about each topic separately in my upcoming posts.

This summer is our after-wedding tour around Russia. Peter and I got married in March 2013, and did not invite all our relatives who are scattered around the country to celebrate with us. So now we’ll travel to different places to see our family members and let them congratulate us, haha :) So far we’ve been only to Kursk (a city in the South-West of Russia just next to the border with Ukraine) but we have Izhevsk, Samara, Kaliningrad and Penza on our travel list which is pretty exciting!!

We’ve been preoccupied quite a lot with bureaucratic stuff after coming to Moscow. I needed to change my surname as I decided to take my husband’s last name after we got married, Peter needed to get his Russian internal passport as he’s never had one. Curious thing: in Russia we have 2 passports, one is an internal document (“vnutrenny passport”) with which you can travel within Russian Federation, the other one is called “Zagran passport” and needed for traveling abroad, and without it one can’t leave Russia. Since Peter grew up abroad he’s never had an internal Russian passport but had only Zagran, so now he is going through the bureaucratic hustle to get it. Fun times… We still need to change/get quite a few documents like national insurance, driving license etc. The thing that I most don’t look forward to is changing my driving license because the last time I went to the traffic police (GIBDD), it took me almost a whole day.

That’s just a few words about our life for now. I plan to cover all sorts of things in this blog starting from Russian history, today’s Russia peculiarities, news, places to visit and more. If I master how to use our Fuji camera I might post some good quality pictures as well.

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