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Personal news – I am now a mommy

This post is about a great event in our life. Peter and I became proud parents of a beautiful baby boy – Michael (Misha for short in Russian)! He was born on the 27th of June. These 1,5 months have been amazing, life-changing, challenging and tiring at times but totally fascinating for us. They say babies grow fast but I actually never realized that they grow THAT fast! :) Every day there is something new for us: new sounds that Misha makes, first smiles, first stares, first giggles – first everything.

Here are some highlights of our experiences over the past 6 weeks:

  • Babies start recognizing you and smiling at YOU (not just randomly smiling when they poop or pee) somewhere after 4 weeks. But smiles of relief after a good poop also count as they are totally adorable!
  • You will get pooped and peed on, deal with it. It is always a relief when your baby lets gas out as this means that his tommy won’t hurt and you will have a good night sleep.

  • Breastfeeding can be tiring sometimes as you are on call 24/7 but it is also a time to connect with your baby.
  • I spend a lot of time talking to Misha as I believe that keeping a baby in silence will hinder his development. He doesn’t understand me now but he is listening to sounds and intonations, and hopefully he will start ‘talking’ soon :)
  • I am so fortunate that Peter works from home! It is nice to get a bit of help here and there, and have a chance to enjoy shower without worrying that you won’t hear your baby calling you. I just can’t ignore the fact that I am fortunate to have a great husband too who helps a lot when he is not working, and who does all the shopping and all paper work for us!

  • I am also fortunate to have my parents nearby. They are great with Misha and are a lot of help.
  • It’s great to have friends with children! After becoming a parent, especially right at the start of parenthood, one has an urge to discuss the baby and everything that happens in his and your life. It’s such a big change in your way of life, your baby rules your world, and news such as he looked at me, he touched his toy, he lifted his head up are immense for you, but not for your child-free friends. A few of our friends in Moscow already have little children or are expecting, and that’s awesome as we can talk about nappies and all other fascinating things :)

Overall, I am a very happy mother and I enjoy every bit of it (yes, crying a bit less)! I hope to continue posting here at least once or twice a month. The goal of course is to post more of interesting things about Moscow and Russia.

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